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Why ‘Firstcall Cleaning Services’ Is Using Our Cleaning ERP Software

It’s a maid service company based in Dubai with consistently high reviews — we’re talking a 5-star average on Facebook. Plus, it’s the kind of company that’s a pleasure to run. But every day their management’s life turns into a nightmare. They were facing delays in closing the accounts, assigning the maids for the next day, tracking all the bookings, managing the payments, managing the schedulings, and analyzing the daily income-expense report.

After using pen and paper for years, Firstcall started using Emicon’s Cleaning ERP software and never looked back! Their evenings used to be filled with paperwork, scheduling, and complicated payroll operations.

Even though their cleaning business had great reviews and was profitable, Firstcall is facing complexity in managing the schedules, assigning maids and drivers, managing inventories, tracking all the orders and payments. Once they switched over to Cleaning ERP Software, their quality of life improved, new systems and automation made their business more efficient, and fast. If this sounds like something you want too, keep reading.

Benefits They Are Getting By Using The Cleaning ERP Software

Automated Maid Assignments:
By using the cleaning ERP software Firstcall Cleaning Services can easily assign the maids automatically. Whatever bookings they are receiving – maids have been assigned based on the area and location.

If any maid becomes unavailable at that time- Cleaning ERP software will automatically assign another best available maid for that area.

Smart Scheduling & Booking Management:

Users can select the best available slots based on the selected date from the website automatically. They don’t need to call you all the time for confirming the bookings.

All the available slots and schedules will be in front of the users. They will simply select the slots, confirm the booking and make the online payment.

Inventory Management:

Through this Cleaning ERP software, Firstcall can easily manage their inventory like: mop, vacuum cleaners, and chemicals. Whenever these items get stocked out, the software will give you a notification.

Order Management from the Single Admin Dashboard:

Firstcall can now manage all the orders from the ERP software. They don’t need to sit in the office. They can manage everything online. Admin can now track all the ongoing orders, payment status, and order details with a single click.

They don’t need to manage the complex excel file at all. Now their life becomes easy and smooth with the automated order management system.

Payment Status & Income Report:

Firstcall can now track all the orders from a single dashboard. With the advanced functionality, the admin can see the day-to-day business performance from the ERP software, like today’s order, ongoing orders, completed orders, canceled orders, payment due, advance payments, number of users, serving areas, etc.

With a detailed income report, Firstcall can close the daily accounts without spending more time. With a single click, the admin can download the day-to-day business reports from the ERP software.

Master Calendar To Check All The Schedules At A Glance:

This is one of the core features of the software. From this module, the admin can see all the available and unavailable slots for the upcoming days.

From the master calendar, Firstcall is managing the maids’ schedules, drivers’ route plans, and weekly orders. This cleaning ERP software is more than an excel file that you are using daily.

Firstcall Cleaning Services loves Cleaning ERP Software because it saves their time and money

Not only did the Scheduling & Booking Management System make scheduling easy, but it also sent out automated texts and emails to both customers and staff. For example, the automated emails to her staff included all the client’s info — from their building code to the dog’s name. Firstcall realized that Cleaning ERP software could literally save their HOURS every day. Never again would they have to spend their evenings painstakingly writing out the schedule, reminding her customers of their appointments, and sending her staff all the information they needed.

Cleaning ERP Software took care of everyday tasks so that Firstcall management didn’t have to. Their evenings were finally free again. Now they can spend more time on marketing and business development.

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