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9 Ways to Reduce Operational Costs in Cleaning & Technical Service Business

Businesses from every industry are experiencing inflations hence increased operational costs. From small to large Cleaning Companies in the UAE are in search of finding ways to cut operating costs. Many of the best-run Cleaning & Technical Service Companies in the UAE regularly analyze operations and procedures to determine where cost-reducing changes can be made. Unfortunately, many cleaning & technical service companies get so busy running their businesses on a day-to-day basis that they simply can’t find the time to look for ways to reduce operating expenses which is the most important tool to survive in this economic situation. 

However, cutting expenditures can be one of the easiest ways to increase profits, which means it should not be overlooked.

To make your cost-cutting job a bit easier for your cleaning service business, we’ve compiled 9 proven ways to reduce operations costs in the cleaning & technical service business. 

Here are 9 cost-saving suggestions for cleaning service business owners to consider implementing in their daily operations:

1. Automate cleaning. According to a report by the University of Minnesota, it can take one person up to two hours to mop a 5,000-square-foot area. This is labor-intensive, costly, and potentially unhealthy. As the mop and water become soiled, they can actually spread virtually as much soil and contaminants as they collect, making the process both time-consuming and unsanitary. One way to reduce costs in this regard is to look for ways to automate cleaning tasks. For an example: By automatic scrubber cleaning 5,000 square feet should only take about 15-30 minutes…reducing costs and requiring a smaller workforce to cover more ground.”

2. Select new equipment. It’s like spending money to save money to eventually make money. Just as computers and smartphones have vastly improved office efficiency, some new cleaning equipment technologies not only improve cleaning results but do so faster and much more efficiently while reducing labor expenses. Like upgrading the vacuum cleaners, automatic scrubbers – which will increase productivity and enable the maids to clean more houses at a short time.

3. Use automated scheduling software. Managing the scheduling, orders, booking, maid assignments, driver assignments and day-to-day business income reports manually takes a huge amount of time from your daily life. Integrate a Scheduling Software through which you can manage all the activities stated above with few clicks. You don’t need 4~5 employees to manage these activities and give extra hours of work daily to balance your accounts. Reduce monthly salary expenses. Give more time for business development and get more clients instead.

4. Train your workers—and your management team. Proper initial training along with ongoing training keeps both new and longtime employees up to date on the correct and most effective ways to clean as well as use of the latest tools. Many manufacturers and distributors provide their clients with complementary training tools on a variety of cleaning tasks

5. Purchase in bulk. In many cases, purchasing cleaning chemicals in 5-gallon sizes is less expensive than purchasing them by the gallon. Plus, bulk purchasing can be better for the environment

6. Work with a distributor or manufacturer as a partner. The cleaning contractor’s job is to know cleaning while the distributor and/or manufacturer’s job is to know products and solutions. An effective trade partner often will share best practices to help make cleaning more efficient and effective―both at a reduced cost

7. Go green. A single green cleaning product often takes the place of multiple traditional products, which reduces the need to stock several different chemicals and results in cost savings. Further, because most environmentally preferable cleaning products are safer to the user, they can help promote safety while minimizing the potential for work-related injuries. Which will also improve their brand reputation

8. Schedule maids geographically. By the Cleaning ERP Software download the customer purchase behavior report. Through this you can analyze from which location you are getting more orders. Promote your services on that location as well as increase the maids & drivers number

9. Take recurring orders more. Recurring orders will generate more regular income or cash inflow to your business. Provide discounts for taking recurring services to your clients. Like: Weekly, Monthly, Half Yearly etc. Involve them in referral discounts and e-wallet. 

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