7 Tips To Grow Your Business Online in the UAE

Getting a dedicated website in the UAE for more sales is a must for any business in 2021.

Why is it so necessary for businesses to have a website in the UAE?  Take these stats into consideration:

  • Internet users spend their day online for a total of 7 hours and 26 minutes on average per day.
  • More than 60% of businesses have websites in the UAE.
  • Before recommending a brand, 81 percent of shoppers do online research and 97 percent of customers locate nearby firms and services through an online query.
  • Within 24 hours, a brand is patronized by 88 percent of customers who look for that business online.
  • In 2022, sales by e-commerce websites will increase to 55% for all businesses.

Consumers invest lots of time online, basically, and most of their operation centers are about researching businesses where their money can be spent. Your competitors do, if you don’t have a website, which ensures they are the ones the future clients can identify and fund.

In social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram- by sharing your products links in your page and groups will increase the visibility of your products online and the user in facebook and instagram can easily buy your products from your website. 

With your own domain name and official email address, a website specially built for your company would help build your reputation and boost your brand awareness in the UAE. The profit return of a well-designed, insightful website can be significant, although there are costs associated with developing and hosting a business website.

Our step-by-step guideline will take you through all the main points for your company to build a user-friendly website.

How to create an online presence for your business in the UAE

It mainly requires planning and study into what you want your website to achieve with your company to take your business online; a financial investment (though you can create a website with just about any budget size), and some time and energy.

There are several resources available to create user friendly, professional-looking websites from scratch, even though you don’t have any technical skills. You still have the best option of having the website designed for you by a website designing company.

Follow these steps to successfully create a website for your business:

1. Make a plan about your website that will attract your customers:

Before you start developing your website by a good web development company in the UAE, getting some primary thoughts about the web page design and layout of your website can help you make basic choices about your website, and prevent headaches down the line::

  • Does your website require e-commerce features, or is it only an informative/ non e-commerce website?
  • When you visit a business website, what information do you want to see?
  • What type of customers do you need to browse your website?
  • How do you want to control your website?
  • What is your budget, both in time and money, for your website? 

To get a better idea about how your consumers will experience when they visit a website for your type of business, look at the websites of your competitors. Think of the websites you regularly visit and whether you find them to be attractive or helpful.

2. Choose a web development company from the UAE

If your budget is low and you are planning to develop a very simple but attractive website “Wordpress” will be your better option. If you want to develop a full customized web application for your innovative idea then “Laravel- Raw PHP Technology” is your best choice.

A popular, free, open source content management system ( CMS) is WordPress. It allows consumers to use plug-ins to build customized websites. Developing a WordPress website allows consumers to customize the functionality of their pages, but it takes certain level technological skills.

That’s why to develop your website it’s better to assign a web development company in the UAE who will help you to digitize your business idea, increase sales traffic by your website on behalf of you, and provide digital solutions for your company. 

3. Select a domain name and register it for your business

A domain name is the starting point of building an online presence for your company. It will help to set the tone of how your customers find your website, think of your business and engage with your brand. 

Choose a domain name that will appeal to your customers and represent your company well for years to come. Your company name should be in your web address and be sure to keep it simple so it will be top of mind and memorable when people are looking for your website and business. It can be any combination of letters and numbers and can even have a hyphen in it. However, you should avoid underscores and other characters that are hard to remember and may create confusion.

When you start thinking the domain names, below are few items to bear in mind:

  • Length: Too long domain name, and it can be tough for people to remember the website. Too short, and it may be confusing and unclear.
  • Keywords: When searching for your type of business or competitors, using words people will search will increase the visibility of your site showing up in searches.
  • Location: Using the emirate or country in your domain name can support local customers and find you if you have a localized business.  
4. Provide meaningful information and name of the pages

The next move is to develop your website after registering/ purchasing your domain name and choosing to use WordPress to create your website.

That may sound challenging and time consuming, even a website under maintenance can be your website. To get your website up and running, you only need a few simple, well-designed pages, including:

Home page: As they first arrive at your website, this is the first page visitors will see. Make sure this page is attractive, fast and engaging, so users will get interested to look more, but also, if they have limited time, it includes the most important information that will describe your nature of business/ service.

Services/Products Names: What do you sell or what is your business? Both the details must be clear and concise, whether it is products people can buy online or services people can book schedules. Make sure it has e-commerce features such as stock pages, product pages, a shopping cart, and payment processing if you are selling goods on your website.

Contact Details: In order to figure out how your customers will contact you, many people visit your website. The simpler it is to identify this information, the more easily you will be approached by clients. This is also where you can give clients the option of subscribing to a newsletter, which you can use for more engagement.

About Us: This page is where you can say the details of your business. Introduce yourself and your company by communicating the mission, vision, objectives of your business, and presenting details on yourself and your company.

Testimonials/ Reviews: Allow former and new clients, by providing their feedback and testimonials, help you to increase your brand image and business reputation to prospective customers.

Blog: A blog can be a simple way to keep your audience interested, and keep your customers updated about the market.

 5. Techniques to increase traffic to your website

The most successful organizations employ a multi-faceted strategy, using the following tactics, to have as many eyes on their site as possible:

  • Use social media
  • Promotions and offer
  • Send emails and newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Affiliation 
6. Converting visitors to customers

It’s nice to have people visit your website, but what’s far better is to transform those users into paying clients that are helping your small company.

Encourage website users/ customers to post their email address to avail discounts, which you will also use for email marketing promotions. Calls to action will directly drive traffic to your website, as well as to your business location, should be included in these email campaigns if you have one.

7. Maintain your website

Once the website is fully developed and live on google, you shouldn’t switch off your computer and overlook your website. Daily refreshes and upgrades will guarantee your users remain active, and that your site will score higher on google search, which in turn ensures you more potential customers.

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