October 4, 2020
Web Development


Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an individual simply requiring your own trade licence, with Virtuzone you won’t have to lose even a night’s sleep worrying about the red tape involved with the UAE free zone and mainland company setup process. That’s because Virtuzone does all the heavy lifting for you. While the technical, administrative, and financial aspects of setting up a business in the UAE can seem challenging, with the right support the process is far more straightforward and affordable than you might think. Virtuzone provides just that type of support.


Problem Solved by Emicon Technology:

Virtuzone couldn’t reach their potential clients and create brand awareness in the society. For a few months they were facing loss in income. Emicon Technology develops a unique, easy to use and descriptive website for them through which they create a loyal consumer pool. They are visible to the maximum number of people in the community through the Website developed by Emicon Technology. Their revenue increased to 78% now.

Emicon Technology is committed to serve every individual customer with diversity, creativity, customization and integrity so that our client can boost their business locally/ globally.

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