October 4, 2020
Web Development
Massimo's Restaurant

Massimo's Restaurant

Massimo’s, with its well-finished yet easygoing spaces and the smells of true Italian cooking, and you will feel a bit at home. This is because of the hard work of the owner of the restaurant, Massimo Lapeschi, which can be summarized in two words: quality and tradition. He is personally responsible for the selection of the ingredients and the choice of menu, with recipes from the deepest culinary traditions of the different regions of Italy, and everything at Massimo’s, from bread and desserts to pasta, is rigorously hand-made.


Problem Solved by Emicon Technology:

Massimo’s Restaurant successfully increased their brand awareness through their progressive, well designed and user friendly website developed by Emicon Technology. We have combined the website with unique graphic design. Our creative web development helps Massimo’s Restaurant to get orders from consumers at the time of pandemic lockdown. Through our prospective web development strategy consumers can order online from Massimo’s Restaurant. Thus in this pandemic situation they maximize their profit to 49%.

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