October 4, 2020
Web Development
Home made italy 360

Made In Italy 360

Made in Italy 360 is a company that offers solutions to all interiors, gardens, lightings, spas. They make everything on measure in Italy , using the finest materials. Made In Italy 360 pride themselves with artisanal bespoke reflecting authentic Italian craftsmanship at its best, with our families shops and small factories executing the best quality, unicity , creations , never found in a traditional furniture or concept store.


Problem Solved by Emicon Technology:

Made In Italy 360 couldn’t reach their potential clients and create brand awareness in the society. For a few months they were facing loss in income. Emicon Technology develops a unique, easy to use and descriptive website for them through which they create a loyal consumer pool. They are visible to the maximum number of people in the community through the Website developed by Emicon Technology. Their revenue increased to 55% now.