October 4, 2020
Web Development
Calorie Care

Calorie Care

Calorie Care are a healthy meal subscription service who make all meals nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned, to suit our customers. If you ever wished for everyday healthy meals that are personalised to fit your needs delivered to you, Calorie Care are at your service, and with different cuisines, too. Calorie Care provide freshly cooked calorie-counted meals to individuals across Mumbai, including officegoers. Our meals are not about bland, dull, self-deprivation, or complicated fad diets – they are a healthy lifestyle.


Problem Solved by Emicon Technology:

Calorie Care was struggling to generate sales lead from the market. They want to make their brand more popular and visible to the target market. Without having user friendly, creative and responsive website they could not create their unique brand value to the society. Now with the help of Emicon Technology their sales growth by 54% compared to the previous situation.

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