Pay MONTHLY Websites

from as little as AED49 per month

A pay monthly website is a service, where for a small monthly fee you get a custom website, domain, hosting server, security, maintenance and an entire IT team available 24/7 to keep your website up and running. It is a great cost saving way to get your business online without the one time large investment. You don’t need to pay a large portion of your business capital or investment for your website at a time. Your site will look every bit as good as the one that cost more than AED10,000 at a time.

  • 24/7 Maintenance & Support
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • No Setup Cost
  • No Contract
  • No Extra Charges
  • Fully Responsive From Any Device

  • 500+ Design Variations & Theme

A strong web presence is the greatest marketing tool you can have. You can cancel the subscription anytime if you want with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. No extra cost needed. Pay monthly websites start from as low as AED49 with absolutely no setup fees! Simply choose your package below:


79 AED

49 AED

Per Month


129 AED

99 AED

Per Month


169 AED

139 AED

Per Month


209 AED

179 AED

Per Month

How does it work?

Select A Monthly Subscription Package
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Step 01
Place your Order with No Payment Required
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Provide All The Information Required For Your Website
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Step 03
Make the Payment to Confirm Your Website Getting Live
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Get Your Website Live Within 3~5 Working Days
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Pay monthly website is ideal for startups, small, large or any size of businesses.

However, for many, the one time cost of creating a website is more of a financial burden than they can bear. Why do you need to keep your capital stuck in the website? Pay as you go website is an essential tool to save your business capital. A strong online presence is the greatest marketing/ business tool you can have. Without a website, you will undoubtedly be missing out on countless potential customers & business opportunities!

Pay Monthly Website Features

Hosting & Domain
We don’t charge extra for the essentials. Our monthly price includes hosting on our reliable, top-of-the-line servers, as well as domain registration and email setup. We do also offer unbelievable speed boosts.
Bespoke Website Design
All of our paid monthly websites are custom-made themes to fit your brand by our very own in-house web designer. We have the flexibility to add in our own creativity and expertise.
SEO Friendly
Your website code will be SEO friendly and we will make sure your content is formatted correctly to enhance ranking potential with search engines such as Google. There are options for you to have extensive SEO.
Content Management
We build on the world’s #1 CMS platform, WordPress, meaning your website will be completely self-maintainable. We will update the website any time, with no extra charge on your monthly bill.
Social Media Integration
Social media is an important part of business and Google rankings so we take it seriously. We integrate seamlessly with all Social Media feeds including Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.
Fully Responsive
Every website we make is completely responsive, meaning you can count on it looking perfect on any mobile, tablet, laptop or big screen. So, your user can browse easily from anywhere.
SSL Certificate
An SSL certificate is a legal requirement when accepting money online as well as being highly favoured by Google rankings. All of our websites have a certificate included free of charge.
Sell your products online, update inventory, keep track of orders and accept payments with ease using our ecommerce package. From product management to invoice generation, get everything in a package.
Fully Supported & Managed
You can count on us to keep tabs on your website's health, but if something does break, our team will fix it quickly and for no extra charge. We can even support you with simple content updates.

Some Of Our Pay Monthly Websites

Premium Services

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated team of support specialists is readily available to help you in your project round the clock.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you change your mind after subscription and want to cancel the subscription, we are giving you a 30 days money back guarantee.

SMART Results

Mobile Optimized Design

However your subscription model is you will get a mobile friendly website.

High Quality Work

We will provide you highly professional and user interactive website with the cheapest monthly fee which is equivalent to 10,000 AED

Effective Collaboration

No Setup Cost

No extra cost/ hidden charge required in addition to the monthly subscription fee.

One-on-One Consulting

We have a dedicated support team designated only for you.

You can cancel the subscription anytime if you want with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

A pay monthly website is a service, where for a small monthly fee you get a custom website, domain, hosting server, updates, security, maintenance and an entire IT team available 24/7 to make sure keep your website is up and running properly. It is not a “buy now pay later” service. Therefore, the monthly fee is indefinite, for as long as you want the website to be live.

If you work out the costs of buying a website, along with hosting fees and developer wages required for ongoing maintenance, it would take years, or even decades for it to be the more economical choice. And that isn’t even acknowledging the mental toll it takes managing all of that techy stuff yourself.

Some people still prefer the idea of owning their website. This is fine and by all means you can contact us to discuss pricing. Even when doing things this way, we are super low cost!

Moving from pay monthly to ownership is more complicated and strictly speaking, is not something we offer. Although we will consider each request.

If you’re a small business, a freelancer or a new start up, a pay monthly website is a great way to get your business online without the usual expense. Your site will look every bit as good as one that costs many times more. Your customers will be none the wiser – only you will know just how much you have saved by investing in a pay as you go website.

With no set-up fee to pay, you can use some of the money you had put aside for the cost of a website to support other areas of your business. There is no contract and no minimum term, so you’ll be in total control of your website and your finances. We even offer a full money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.

There are absolutely no setup fees. All of the website design, domain registration, admin and initial setup is included in our low monthly fee. Simply pay the first invoice and we will begin!

Our pay monthly package includes a fully bespoke website creation service. We start by helping you choose the perfect domain name for your business, taking care of all the necessary administrative details such as domain registration and annual renewals. Our pay monthly website service offers a simple, three-phase process to get you online.

Of course! Website and content updates are included in our monthly fee. We do create an admin area for every client, allowing you to take control of your content, should you wish to do so. But for the technophobes out there, you can rest assured we have your back.

We don’t believe in contracts. At Emicon, we believe our customers will remain with us long term because they love us and our services, not because they are forced to.

Nope! There are no hidden costs with us…ever. We prefer to set you up for success on the back-end and celebrate your successes as friends.

Our goal is to make having a stellar website as easy as possible, and that includes our payment process. Once you’ve signed up for your plan and manually paid the first invoice online, you’ll be billed automatically each month on the credit or debit card you provided. We use an ultra secure payment gateway, responsible for billions of money worth of transfers across the world.

On average your website will take 5-7 working days to complete once you have returned your client questionnaire & supplied all textual content. Timings can vary on a project by project basis. Our priority is to deliver the perfect website.

No problem. You can either transfer the domain over to Emicontech or we can simply modify your DNS settings to point to our servers.

Yes! Upgrade / downgrade your plan as & when you like to suit your current requirements.

We build all website SEO friendly, submit to Google & set up Google Analytics. Ongoing SEO services are a separate service & not included.

Yes. You will have full control over your admin dashboard. From the admin dashboard you can upload products, manage orders, manage customers, generate invoice, manage categories, receive payment and so on. Nobody can access to your admin dashboard except you only.

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