How to survive your business in Covid19?

Meet Mr. Ahmed, a Retail Shop Owner in Dubai. Learn from him, how to survive your business in Covid19.

Hi, I am Ahmed. I am running my own retail store. I have been selling clothes and beauty products in Dubai since 2015. My business was going well till 2020. At the time of covid19 pandemic lockdown my sales volume dropped down, my distribution was put on hold, eventually no customers were visiting at that time. Many many shops were closing at that time. I was hopeless. I didn’t know what to do, how to survive, how to support my family? Single order on those days was like a blessing to me. Then I came to know about turning my conventional retail store into an online store. I have knocked Emicon Technology to build me an innovative but simple ecommerce website. At first I was afraid of using an ecommerce website as I am a non technical guy. Believe me it’s so easy. I put all my products on that ecommerce website with images, prices, descriptions, categories, offers, cart, checkout and easy payment method for my customers.

Then I provided my ecommerce website link to my customers through whatsapp. In the lockdown I run my business sitting in my home, a mobile in my hand. Just a smart ecommerce website saves my business. I have placed my ecommerce website link on my facebook page and instagram page. It is a big push for my business. Now my sales grow higher, customers started to order online. My sales grow higher before anything to 120%. Now I don’t need to maintain my account books, no need of many staff, no need to print brochures. This simple ecommerce website saves a lot of my business. Now I have expanded my business by opening 2 new branches in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Ecommerce website makes it easier for me to run my business from Dubai. 

So, my suggestion is making your business online isn’t a trend now, it’s a necessary thing to survive your business.

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